Connect with Me, Connect with Spirit
- A message from Kirsten

Spiritual/Energy Healing Tool - Tibetan Singing Bowls

I love sensing the world at the hidden level, as it is more real, more honest, more magical than what the logical mind perceives on its own. I have several beliefs around this, which are rooted not in just what I’ve read, but from personal experience.

I believe intuition is an innate ability, but we must learn to access and work with it, and importantly, to do so in alignment with the Divine.

We are part of a Spiritual Oneness, yet we are also individuals, so setting and maintaining good boundaries keeps us healthier and true to our spiritual path. Health is also affected by our thoughts (even unconscious ones), our emotions and environment. Clearing energetic patterns that don't serve us, prevents them from eventually manifesting in the physical body as disease.

Because we are Spiritual Beings that are not bound by our earthly existence, we eventually cross back over. While here, we can communicate with those who have already crossed - both for assistance and comfort. Knowing this, I do not view death grimly, or as an absolute, but simply as a transition to another state.

I help others to align to and communicate with this hidden world, and to empower them with skills of their own, for both Spiritual advancement and health. With energy healing, intuitive readings, events, and writing, I hope to dance in the energy with you soon.

In Light, Kirsten



Intentions – Harnessing the Energy of the Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse with energy radiating upward (intentions)

Intentions – Harnessing the Energy of the Solar Eclipse

As everyone knows, the new moon, solar eclipse is almost upon us. From a spiritual aspect, new moons are a great time to set intentions for new endeavors, such as a new job, fitness program, or by being more mindful. Becoming clear what it is you want out of life is integral to your joy. A solar eclipse is a new moon on steroids, so take advantage of it! Read on…


“I have struggled with anxiety for several years, it comes and goes. My doctor had referred me to several different modalities, none which seemed to be working. ... I found a healer who knows what she is doing, provides the support needed and helped to teach me how to help heal myself.”

Read on...