Intentions – Harnessing the Energy of the Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse with energy radiating upward (intentions)

Intentions – Harnessing the Energy of the Solar Eclipse

As everyone knows, the new moon, solar eclipse is almost upon us. From a spiritual aspect, new moons are a great time to set intentions for new endeavors, such as a new job, fitness program, or by being more mindful. Becoming clear what it is you want out of life is integral to your joy. A solar eclipse is a new moon on steroids, so take advantage of it! Read on…

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The Perfect Spirit Within

When I first considered doing healing work professionally, I wondered if it would hold my interest. That seems like such a long time ago. I now know that healing and consciousness-based work have infinite variations and beauty. As an example of this, I’ve had varied experiences of connecting with people at a Spirit level. It’s never been the same. Read on…

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Stop Chasing Joy?

Hidden Emotions

Have you been “working” on feeling more joyful? The next time you’re feeling a vague sense of dissatisfaction or unease, consider trying the following. First, bring your awareness within, and sit in your belly. Rather than a lack of joy… could it be the existence of fear? Read on…

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Sound as Healing Tool

Tibetan Singing Bowl

One of my favorite ways to move energy is by using vocalizations that I “connect” up to a client’s energy. It’s the tool I am most often moved to use spontaneously, as I uncover stagnant energy, especially the energy of held emotions, or areas that need healing. Read on…

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Alcohol and Your Space

Pink Party Glasses and the Aura

I had read and heard from others years ago that alcohol can damage your energy system, such as tearing holes in your aura, or the atomic web. The latter being that barrier described by A.E. Powell in The Etheric Double, which keeps us from being bombarded by all the unseen energies on the astral plane. Read on…

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Wisdom From Our Dreams

Yellow Eyed Cat

When I was young, I was plagued by recurrent nightmares of cats attacking me. They were gruesome and frightening.   Interpreting these dreams didn’t occur to me then – I didn’t come from a family that recognized or understood   the esoteric, and I wasn’t naturally drawn to it as a youth.  Read on…

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